Wedding Band 1974

A drama which examines the enduring nature of love between a white man and a black woman in 1918 South Carolina.

Secret Witness 1988

Fun turns serious for two kids when an innocent spying game forces them to do some real detective work.

Motel Mjesecina 1976

Middle age couple is going back from shopping in Trst. They decide to spend the night in romantic motel "Mesecina" (Moonlight), but there, their trouble will begin ...

The Book of Murder 1974

Much-married and once successful writer Henry T. Aythecliff, now heavily in debt, summons his three ex-wives to his mansion, planning to extort a sizable amount of money from each. When he is discovered dead, clues indicate that each of his four wives had motive and opportunity to murder him, and a young detective must sift through some ingeniously devised evidence.

Love Is the Ruin of Us All 1987

At the end of the last century hunters who hunted wild roosters, while waiting for prey to show up, were killing time with storytelling. The first story is about Jernac that had a fight with Tomas because of Rezika. Another story tells about Tincek, limp foundling, who spent his youth with the Komar family, where he fell in love with their Lencka. The third is the story of a rich Miholac whose attention was grabbed by poor Polonca, a romance that was opposed by his father. The central theme of all stories is love that eventually everybody die of.

A. Einstein 1990

Two parted movie about Einsteins escape from germany in 1932 and his influence in the invention of the nuclear bomb in 1939.

Claws 1987

A tale of cat lovers, the social circle they inhabit and the power struggles between them.

Love, Kranj Style 1991

Bevant is a freak who wanted to remain faithful to himself, and therefore, in contrast to most, he remained a farmer.

One Police Plaza 1986

A veteran New York City Police Lieutenant's investigation of a woman's murder uncovers corruption in high places.

Simón el mago 1992

Simon is a naughty and dreamer boy who lives with his older brothers, his religious mother and the hard hand of his father. He goes to school, plays with his friends in the town and fulfills the duties of the home as any of the neighbors of his age. However, his story changes course when he decides to become a true magician and learn to fly after hearing from the lips of the black Fruits the fantastic stories of myths and legends of the Antioquia region. Adaptation of the homonymous story by Tomás Carrasquilla. From OtraParte