Fashion 1960

Experimental anime from animation pioneer Yoji Kuri from 1960.

Flower 1967

A short film by Kuri Youji. A man plants a flower and waits for it to bear fruit...


A man must quit smoking because of his condition, but it's not so easy, as he thought before.

Space Mouse 1959

Doc the cat tries to catch Hickory and Dickory, to sell to NASA as laboratory mice.

Witty Kitty 1959

Two alley cats craving food decide to pull "the old raffle game". They enlist Doc to enter their raffle drawing (one) name out of a fish bowl. Being the only contestant, he naturally wins and is told his prize is a roast turkey and is given the whereabouts of the prize. Unfortunately, the turkey is in a refrigerator guarded by watchdog Cecil. Doc invents a number of ways to get past Cecil (sawing a hole around the fridge from the basement, feeding Cecil knockout drops, trying to catapult the fridge out of the kitchen), finally putting roller skates on Cecil enabling him to make off with the turkey. But he hasn't quite won yet...

Deathtrap 1998

A young man has lost his will to live. He feels trapped, like a mouse in a cage endlessly spinning his wheel. His prison is an internal one.

2n: A Story of the Power of Numbers 1961

2ⁿ is a story about the exponential growth of numbers raised to powers. Part of the Mathematica Peep Shows, one of five films made to accompany the Mathematica: A World of Numbers and Beyond exhibition at the California Museum of Science and Industry and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.