Vampire Obsession 2002

Wendy is a prostitute who lives with her girlfriend - who wants her all to herself. Wendy meets Alexis and becomes her sex slave and soon finds out that Alexis not only seduces girls but drinks their blood too.

Haunted Graveyard 2004

A group of teenagers performs an ancient ritual which involves in soil taken from 7 graveyards invoking a spirit which will to bring misfortune to their enemies.

Demoniac Flash 2005

Two young men who always dream of joining the show biz meet a frivolous young actress in an old house during shooting of a movie. The three also befriended a couple living next door whose son died of traffic accident years ago. They also come to know a freakish cartoonist in the neighborhood. But the two young men have never expected that people around them are suffering from nightmares, and their own nightmares are about to begin.

La trajinera del terror 2005

Ouija horror disrupts a teenaged birthday party, and then a long-dead Catholic mystic shows up to try to dispel the evil presences, but most of the possessed kids end up stabbing each other to death anyway.

Beast 2005

There's a Satanic flesh-eating killer on a rampage. The only one who may be able to stop him is a one-armed lady cop with a big gun and a bigger grudge.

Tales from the Grave, Volume 2: Happy Holidays 2005

Come join the Old Crone one more time in this chilling sequel! This time around, the Crone takes you on a year's holiday journey. Watch what happens when Valentine's Day becomes a blood bath. The luck of the Irish will be the only thing that will save you on St. Patrick's Day. Be careful of the curse of the mummy on Halloween night. On Thanksgiving, a turkey never tasted so good as Stanley does. And on Christmas, find out how Dorothy finally gets her angel. Come gaze one more time in the crystal ball and see how the "Holidays" can be so fun!

Woods of Evil 2005

Three thugs decide to kidnap two rich girls to get rich. After kidnapping the girls, they flee to the woods to avoid detection and until the ransom is paid. The girls try to warn the men that there is something in the woods, but they don't listen. The force in the woods comes alive and one by one, they each fight for their lives.

Moray 1994

A giant monster eel attacks a group of high school students on a rafting trip down the American river. The government sends super agent Max Uzi to investigate the killings.

The Door 1978

For generations, a family lives in fear of a dark and terrible curse.

No Tomorrow 2002

A timid student finds the lines between reality and fantasy fading after becoming obsessed with the powerful, Thor-like villain in his favorite book in director Matt Irvine's bloody tale of revenge and disillusionment.

Zap 2002

After losing one of their members to graduation, a sorority of altruistic witches must choose a new student for their coven. When Alexis is spurned for the spot, she immediately exacts revenge on the sorority by killing them one by one.