The Resurrection of Michael Myers

Silly, amateur Swedish horror spoof reuses the original HALLOWEEN score and opens with theater patrons viewing the final reel of the original John Carpenter film. In a nearly-abandoned office building, a psycho in a jumpsuit and white mask cuts his way out of a package and proceeds to chase a clumsy clerk around while killing off anyone who crosses his path.


Carla believes her missing daughter is attempting to make contact through mysterious means, her husband Brian pushed aside, Carla is on a path of discovery, but may be one that is best left alone.

Scab Girl Asylum

A film that delves into one of Australia's Worst Civil and Human rights claims. Sue became a ward of the State as a baby and went on to be admitted into the worst mental asylums in the country.

Dead Afterlife

Imagine watching your own funeral as a ghost and then the unthinkable happens, your undead body climbs out of your coffin and starts killing and eating your friends and family. What would you do? What could you do? Pharmaceutical Scientist, Donald Conlee faces this conundrum after he's murdered and is administered his own "Awake", super drug. His death was only the beginning of his problems. The Gatekeeper has given Donald a time limit to return his Zombie self to the ground - or else his soul can never gain access into Heaven. To complicate matters, he finds out that his murderer is at the funeral and his girlfriend is in grave danger. How can a couple of disgruntle gravediggers and a hearse driver help Donald's lost soul find the way? Or maybe the real question is how can the spirit world defeat the living dead?


While monitoring Internet traffic for the Department of Homeland Security, Agent Martin Takagi comes across the intimate video chats of a couple, temporarily living in different parts of the world, who begin to discover their new home is haunted.

Rottentail 2018

Rottentail, is a movie adaptation of the comic book series of the same name. Geeky fertility researcher "peter cotton" is bitten by a mutant rabbit and changes into the half-man/half-bunny rottentail. What's a boy to do? Why, take a hippity, hoppity trip home of course! Peter begins a bloody killing spree of revenge that culminates in his childhood hometown of easter falls.

Valerie 1992

Lesbian vampire Valerie (Maria Pechukas) sets her sights on the nubile Laurie (Debbie Rochon).

A Chinese Ghost 1971

In some village near Sachonsong in China, whenever crows caw at night, a village girl dies. When Ki Seok-Bok's daughter Yi-Hwa died, too, Seok-Bok's son-in-law Jin-Rang keeps watch on his sister-in-law Yeon-Hwa. The crow ghost avoids fight with Jin-Rang, leaving behind a bamboo pipe. As Jin-Rang's wife dies, the crow ghost gets incarnated in her. The crow ghost wanted to kill Ki Seok-Bok and his family because he killed Joo and her daughter Bu-Yong who got engaged with Jin-Rang at that time, in order to marry Jin-Rang to his daughter. The ghost mother and daughter tell the truth about their death to Jin-Rang and leaves after killing Seok-Bok.

The Last Fly 1989

A man pays local children to bring him flies. After having cut off their wings and legs, he sticks them on the walls of his apartment. When a prostitute appears at his door, he sees in her the final piece to his work.

Ladykillers 1988

A female police detective enlists her boyfriend to help her track down a murderer picking off the dancers at an upscale male strip club in Los Angeles.

Cold Head 1970

Shots of a car speeding down the road are intercut with kinky sex flashes (a woman with a whip rides a guy, for instance). Then the car crashes into a tree, the male driver (Christian Chaix) is decapitated and the bloody, injured female (Marie-Paule Mailleux) scoops up his head and returns to her home. There, she cleans herself and the head off, prepares dinner for herself and the head, buys the head a Ken Doll to keep it company, puts the head on a mannequin's body and then has a series of strange hallucinations, which include having sex with her bloodied lover, dancing in a room by herself with a spotlight, etc. Things culminate in her having sex with the head and then throwing it into the trash bin.

Love Me Vampire 1986

The oriental answer to USA's Fright Night movie, but there's more concentration on the high school motif similiar to the Hong Kong Happy Ghost series.

Creep 3

Second sequel to the 2014 found footage feature film.

The Wrong Door 1993

Ted falls in love and is involved in murder after accidentally knocking on the wrong door. Since childhood, Ted Farrell has always loved listening to a good story and over the years became quite good at spinning some of his own. Being a radio drama student in college, Ted is learning that listening to those "whispers in the dark" is much more frightening when the "whispers" go unseen. To ace his class project and with his roommates on a 2-day vacation, Ted has the weekend to spin a bone-chilling tale on audio tape complete with spine tingling sound effects.


An investigation into a camping trip gone wrong turns into a fight for survival when a team, including a brilliant primate specialist and led by a ruthless television producer, must come to grips with the possible existence of Bigfoot.