So Siu Siu 蘇小小 1962

The film opens with a travelogue, showcasing West Lake and the real Mainland Chinese locations used by the film to which only the Left Wing of Hong Kong Cinema had access to at the time. The title character is a young woman raised by her courtesan aunt in the West Lake scenic resort area in Hangzhou. Siu Siu is perused by a local Official, but falls in love with the son of the Prime Minister. They marry, but are separated by the Prime Minister who arranges another marriage for the son. Siu Siu remains at West Lake, where she regretfully uses the desire of the earlier Official to help another of the girls find happiness.

How Wong Fei-Hung and Wife Eradicated the Three Rascals 1958

While Wong Fei Hung is away traveling, three ruthless villains pretend to establish a temple as a front for a range of criminal activities including kidnapping young woman to be used as sex workers. Wong’s wife is told about the goings on by a student and together they take on the gang. Eventually Wong Fei Hung returns and the operation is raided by the married couple and their students. But the villains have filled their temple with traps and secret rooms.

Abnormal Blood 1967

A detective investigating a serial rapist discovers that he and the perpetrator come from the same lineage of depraved individuals, a genealogy of violent and sexually perverse deviants that stretches through the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras and can even be traced back to the Edo era.

A Shot 1972

Youth, which courage is always without prejudice, in Skopje in time of Bulgarian occupation in WW2, desire freedom for the people, resolves to several actions, including the biggest, to assassinate the police chief Emanuel Machkov...

Karaoglan: Baybora's Son 1966

In this follow-up to "Karaoğlan – Altay’dan Gelen Yiğit", Kartal Tibet reprises the role that launched his career. The film is set in Byzantine Constantinople and features Emel Turgut, Engin Inal and Reha Yurdakul.

Surcouf 1925

Based on Charles Cunat's novel, Surcouf tells a romanticized version of the life story of Robert Surcouf, a French privateer and slave trader who operated in the Indian Ocean from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century.

La monja alférez 1944

A 17th century woman, imprisoned for fighting in a bar, recounts her past to a priest. She tells of her father teaching her how to fence, of being sent to a convent by her aunt when her father died, of escaping by dressing as a man, and of her life as a man following the escape.

Free Will And Testament: The Robert Wyatt Story 2001

Robert Wyatt is one of the best-kept secrets of contemporary British music. Drummer and vocalist in Soft Machine which played with Hendrix and Pink Floyd in their heyday, he split from the group in the late 1960s and started recording solo albums. A fall from a window left Wyatt confined to a wheelchair, but he continued recording, even in hospital. His most well-known song is probably Shipbuilding, a protest against the Falklands war written for him by Elvis Costello, while his 1997 album Schleep won acclaim as one of the best albums of the past 10 years. In addition to performance footage of the famously retiring musician, the documentary contains interviews with John Peel, Brian Eno, Annie Whitehead, Alfie and Robert Wyatt himself.